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Research and investments in publicly listed innovators driving the transition towards a sustainable future.

The investment opportunity

At Groundlake we know that the global transition towards a sustainable economy is accelerating. It will likely disrupt many industries and change the investment landscape.

By investing in companies which drive this transformation your wealth is in a respectable place. With Groundlake it is also in good hands as we help our clients navigate this transition.

Unique Approach

Meaningful & Disruptive Strategy. High returns.
Strong Team.

Deep understanding

Our 8 investment areas:

In a complex world there are no simple answers. To invest sustainably requires deep understanding of industries, technologies and end markets. It requires carefully choosing the companies which will succeed.

Investment Focus

Global, with a focus on the European industrial heartland

  • EMEA
  • Americas
  • Asia Pacific
Total market capitalisation
Sustainable investing assets
Groundlake investment focus

Unique Responsibility

What do you do with your wealth? Creating change and contributing to society is becoming mandatory. The public expects it. The next generation expects it. Your conscience should expect it too.

Megatrends coinciding

Several powerful forces are coming together in the push towards sustainable development.

  • Consumer pull
  • Global activism
  • Government push
  • Money flows
  • Technology, innovation and global scale
Changing preferences, especially among younger generations

Unique Opportunity

Now more than ever is the right time to invest in companies which transform the economy and earn high returns.

The scale and visibility of the investment opportunities are almost unprecedented

Wastewater treatment

global treated household wastewater rate, 2020

Electric vehicles

global EV share, 2021


global biofuel penetration, 2020

Electric heat pumps

global electric heat pumps penetration, 2020

Plant-based food

global plant-based milk and meat penetration, 2019

rPet production

global rPet production penetration, 2019

We value trust, continuity and alignment of interests

Alignment with our vision and mission.

Groundlake Global Equity Fund

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